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Under the New Zealand Settlements Act 1863 the government confiscated 1.2 million acres (486,000 hectares) of Maori land in late 1864. Kemp in The Horowhenua was forced to give and sell land to the Government agents who wanted legal fees, cheap grazing and survey costs which were unknown at the time. Maori lost a great deal of its lands and are still denied their rights to this day

Pākehā settlers would occupy the confiscated land while successive governments would bring in new laws like the Public Works Acts to confiscate even more lands. The Government in 2012 will not negotiate with the direct descendents hence urban authorities with indirect links to our direct descendent lines are now taking place yet it is an injustice to Maoridom. Letters to Ministers as of March 2nd 2013 have gone unanswered with even our Maori MP's turning a blind eye.



Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui (Major Kemp)




The NZ Government has ignored the impact on the Maori people. It assumes an unproved superiority, overwhelms all resistance, and sweeps away age-old conventions. It substitutes one moral code for another and one civil law for another, without considering for a moment that the imposed change may not be suitable for the ones on whom it is imposed, and refusing to consider if it might not itself learn something by a study of the institutions swept away. Two traditions in quick succession were forced upong the Maori. On the first contact with the Pakeha his mode of living was revolutionized, and since then he has witnessed the amazing and rapid social transformation of the Pakeha himself right up to the 21st centry we are in. Following Captain Cook came the sealer, the whaler, the land shark & Crown agents and lawyers hungry for the produce of land. Many had no moral codes and were ruthless in their deals and before long natural enmity and distrust filled the native mind with resentment. Then came settlers, missionaries, rival bishops, teachers, more settlers all hungry for land and converts. The Maoris first reaction was one of dread at the ruthlessness then wonder at their prized possessions and wanting more which lead to contempt for his greed. They used muskets as barter knowing full well Maori would go against Maori, that it would increase their ability to secure even more spoils but in objecting to blankets for land which in 2 years were useless they became rebels in their own country and branded as such. It is this that we now have Treaty claims that are flawed due to the Government ignoring maori tribal tikanga or ancient laws.


Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui died at Putiki in Wanganui on 15 April 1898, and was buried there on 24 April. His last recorded words were: "Sell no more land, keep the remainder you have as sustenance for the Maori people'. Waitangi Claim 108 in 1989 as filed on behalf of tipuna Tanguru & Kemp with consent & blessing from Kaumatua JJ Tukapua; Mirita Ranginui, Josephine Paki, Bunny Greenland, & various whanau for all Muaupoko.




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