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Under the New Zealand Settlements Act 1863 the government confiscated 1.2 million acres (486,000 hectares) of Maori land in late 1864. Kemp in The Horowhenua was forced to give and sell land to the Government agents who wanted legal fees, cheap grazing and survey costs which were unknown at the time. Maori lost a great deal of its lands and as time spread so did the laws of the land whereby Courts and Government policy allowed outsiders to buy Maori shares thus alienating lands to further allowing lands to become landlocked & allowing buyers to purchase even more shares off Maori. Deals were done in the Grand Hotel over beer, cars in the 50s for land swaps. It was a free for all yet no protection was given to those Maori owners who had now undivided shares in land blocks.

Pākehā settlers would occupy the confiscated land while successive governments would bring in new laws like the Public Works Acts to confiscate even more lands. The Government in 2012-2013 will not negotiate with the direct descendents hence urban authorities with indirect links to our direct descendent lines are now taking place yet this is an injustice to Maoridom. Letters to Ministers as of March 2nd 2013 have gone unanswered with even our Maori MP's turning a blind eye to date??? buts lets wait and see.

The lakebed, dewatered zone, islands and the Hokio Stream are owned by beneficial members of the Muaupoko tribe 1511 of them constitute in 81 shares, as determined by the Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act (ROLD) 1956. The lake waters Muaupoko Domain, dewatered zone and one chain reserve strip in front of the Muaupoko Domain are vested under the Reserves Act 1977 in the Horowhenua Lake Domain Board. To date they have achieved nothing and even today sewerage is released into the Horowhenua Lake by the Council when it is overloaded? The Horowhenua Lake has sediments on the bottom so pronounced with toxins that the Council and Horizons have neglected in their responsibilities over many years to clean it up as its in the hard basket. Algael blooms form which are caused by super dangerous cyanobacteria and are everywhere and weeds choke the Lake-- you cannot swim in this Lake let alone walk in it as one of our Kaumatua nearly drowned near the Weir by the outlet to Hokio Stream due to the sludge that has piled up in this Lake. Horowhenua Lake was once a prestine Lake and needs to be brough back to its former beauty to benefit all not just us Maori owners.


Judge Doogan should have known better yet he presided over Lake issues time and time again yet he had conflicts of interest in his position as a MLC Judge. He should never have been allowed to get this far and it was Rudd & the Taueki issues about the Lake that were never addressed nor did he take appropriate action in his position. If Doogan was paid then those who appealed should be given out of Court costs for what they believed in as most would never have done anything. One must commend C. Rudd for his actions as not many others would have done a thing eg Lake Domain Board x3 incompetent trustees??? or for that matter the Lake Trust themselves.

Item 10 Nutrients entering into the Lake – responsibility?

Lake Horowhenua March 2013, 2014,-2018

Dead fish in the Lake in 2004


A meeting regarding the status of the Lake was held? These concerned group of Owners decided to seek a Judicial Review in the High Court to seek a decision and clarification as to which legislative ACT governs Lake Horowhenua and the Lake Horowhenua Trustees. Is it the Te Ture Whenua Act or Sec 18 of the Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Act 1956. This meeting was held for the Owners to consider and support our application to the High Court and around 50 owners attended. Owners seeking more information can email to Colin PAKI [ SEND EMAIL ]


NOW READ THIS: It has been over 45 years that Horowhenua Lake has had sediment, sewerage and contaminants from dairy & horticulture in this Lake yet Domain Board member Proctor says --- need to get scientific research when already we had an analysis by independent Niwa Fresh water Scientist Max Gibbs in Feb 2012 who said if a kid drank the water they would probably die under certain conditions like now with summer weather March 2013? Due to what Mr Gibbs did nothing has been achieved since with the Domain Board & the Maori members of this Board still do not have input of their own???? The Lake is choked with weed, sediment and manures from horticulture and dairy farm run offs account for 60% of the water runoff and this Lake is No 107 of a total 114 most contaminated Lakes in NZ by the Ministry of the Environment. Once rich in food sources from mussels to kakahi it has now been reduced to a contaminated mess. Although Gibbs carried out an analysis he did not seek the advice of those elders who know this Lake & have them accompany him--thus he lost valuable information.

Lake Horowhenua contamination from sewage plant confirmed
Last updated 12:50 03/10/2008
Horizons Regional Council confirmed in 2008 Lake Horowhenua was contaminated by Levin's waste water treatment plant during winter flooding. The results were not unexpected, compliance manager Alison Russell said. Earthworks were done around the swollen ponds to reduce contaminants entering surrounding groundwater, surface water and the lake. However, nitrogen, which is highly soluble in water, can leach easily through soil, Ms Russell said. "There was a zone of nitrogen leaching apparent in lake waters in the vicinity of the Levin STP [sewage treatment plant]." The effect was difficult to quantify because Lake Horowhenua constantly had extremely high nitrogen concentrations, Ms Russell said. The lake already suffered from eutrophication, as serious environmental concern throughout the country. "Consequently, any increase in nitrogen leaching into the lake waters has the potential to increase the risk, duration and frequency of toxic algal blooms and other eutrophication effects in lake Horowhenua," Ms Russell said. Samples taken from the lake near the plant on September 4 showed high levels of E coli, which confirms faecal contamination occurred. But the lake would have still been within safe swimming guidelines and Horizons' Proposed One Plan, an environment proposal covering air, water and land objectives, policies and rules, Ms Russell said. Total nitrogen exceeded the Proposed One Plan standard for the lake and soluble inorganic nitrogen was elevated. Both nutrients were significantly higher at incident sites compared with reference sites away from the plant. Incident samples were compared with water quality data from different sites, which are tested monthly for state of the environment purposes. Horowhenua Mayor Brendan Duffy would not comment on the results as he had not seen them. - © Fairfax NZ News

Read more from the GREEN PARTY about the pollution & inaction of the Horowhenua Council & the Mayor Duffy who spent over $10m on a council building yet nothing on the Lake devastation. The Maori Party was not interested at this time?

Sept 2015 The problem here is that the Trustees should be saying:

1/. When will anyone be able to swim in the Lake &

2/. What about the sludge at the bottom then go to [Arawhata flooding problem ]

so theis resouirce consent when it goes thru will mean no clean Lake for another 35 years

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