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Already one of the worst polluted lakes in NZ with no end in sight.

The lakebed, dewatered zone, islands and the Hokio Stream are owned by beneficial members of the Muaupoko tribe 1511 of them constitute in 81 shares, as determined by the Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act (ROLD) 1956. The lake waters Muaupoko Domain, dewatered zone and one chain reserve strip in front of the Muaupoko Domain are vested under the Reserves Act 1977 in the Horowhenua Lake Domain Board. To date they have achieved nothing and even today sewerage is released into the Horowhenua Lake by the Council when it is overloaded? The Horowhenua Lake has sediments on the bottom so pronounced with toxins that the Council and Horizons have neglected in their responsibilities over many years to clean it up as its in the hard basket. Algael blooms form which are caused by super dangerous cyanobacteria and are everywhere and weeds choke the Lake-- you cannot swim in this Lake let alone walk in it as one of our Kaumatua nearly drowned near the Weir by the outlet to Hokio Stream due to the sludge that has piled up in this Lake. Horowhenua Lake was once a prestine Lake and needs to be brough back to its former beauty to benefit all not just us Maori owners. [ Read Lake Domain Board minutes ]

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[ Read some History on the Lake ]


So has Larry got a good point and is Horowhenua District Council really supportive when they meet with themselves and ignore not the minority but the majority. Rates climbing, Wastewater going back in the river and more. Tony Rush saying he doesn't know anything about what the Council will do about the Lake as they and he ignore the problem. Tony seems to qualify the Mayor's position so maybe he's in the running for the Deputy Mayoral job as we believe this is his 4th term. Perhaps too long as poor Tony is forgetting his obligations on what our Lake needs & maybe better time to go. We know what the problem is yet they are not interested.

Larry.N.Mitchell. Finance & Policy Analyst. Larry produces this league table for the 67 local authorities in NZ. It measures economic sustainability and affordability but check it out and you will get a shock at what Horowhenua District Council is doing & now wants to spew more sewerage waste in Shannon but not on their $4m farm they just bought- June 2013??.

(Local Government). PO Box 404 103, Puhoi 0951, Auckland, NZ. Ph 09 422 0598 Mobile 0274 792 328.

They are second to last so if you are in Levin on the 7th July at 2pm listen to Larry Mitchell exposing the District Councils blatent spending spree at the Cnr Cambridge / Montgomery St Levin Hall.

Click here to download the 2nd to worst District Council in NZ---yes Horowhenua District Council has won the prize [OPEN pdf: ]

Horowhenua District Council are second to last in the NZ League Council polls right above Kaipara?? so if you are in Levin on the 7th July at 2pm come and listen to Larry Mitchell speaking on the District Councils financials etc at the Salvation Army Hall, Durham St. See why the Council has featured so favourably in the Council polls; near last. Are they heading for last place or will they somehow creep up the polls without anyone knowing. Join the meeting on the 7th July & find out just what is happening--- of course Council will attend if they remember the date but it would be nice to see them voice their opinions to the questions put forward???? If they don't then you know they show no interest or are mummed in speaking so remember this when you vote.

Blame can not be put on Mayor Duffy alone as without the likes of Horizons etc Lindsay Burnell, Nathan Guy & Malcom Guy, DOC these are the ones who must share repsonsibility and they have had many years to support the Council and done nothing plus they have the resources to help our Lake get back to normal. Not one suggestion of cleaning the Lake out.

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Subject:  Larry Mitchell's response to Brendan's comments

From: Larry Mitchell <>
Sent: Thursday, 27 June 2013 9:10 AM
Subject: Mr Duffy and the Chronicle "piece".

I strongly object to Mayor Duffy's characterisation in this weeks Horowhenua Chronicle, (at least by association and inference) of my being one with "distorted and ill-informed" views. I particularly take exception to his statement that I deal in untruths.

All of these statements are merely his unfounded opinion reached without any consideration of the evidence that I will put to next week's meeting. In spite of an offer to attend he has made no contact with me to take the opportunity to reach a reasoned informed position on the matter of the Council's finances.

I would like you to distribute these comments widely and I will refrain from any direct contact with the Mayor meantime as a result. You might add to any response/publicity that he and the others are invited (again) to come and see for themselves the facts, perhaps to organise a special briefing and then get set to face the consequences (recovery plans) of a truly grim state of Council financial affairs.


Finance & Policy Analyst (Local Government)
Host/Proprietor "Kauriglen" Puhoi's only Country Lodge.
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NZ Listener. Source of above pic please go to :

Now why doesn't the Domain Board take on board what the following said for us Maori owners namely Sarah Williams report.

Lake Environmental Report

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or the report from Horizons: Horizons Regional Council confirmed in 2008 Lake Horowhenua was contaminated by Levin's waste water treatment plant during winter flooding. Compliance manager Alison Russell [ File report from Fairfax media with the Levin Mayor saying nothing ]:

Lake Horowhenua contamination from sewage plant confirmed


Horizons Regional Council confirmed in 2008 Lake Horowhenua was contaminated by Levin's waste water treatment plant during winter flooding. The results were not unexpected, compliance manager Alison Russell said. Earthworks were done around the swollen ponds to reduce contaminants entering surrounding groundwater, surface water and the lake. However, nitrogen, which is highly soluble in water, can leach easily through soil, Ms Russell said. "There was a zone of nitrogen leaching apparent in lake waters in the vicinity of the Levin STP [sewage treatment plant]." The effect was difficult to quantify because Lake Horowhenua constantly had extremely high nitrogen concentrations, Ms Russell said. The lake already suffered from eutrophication, as serious environmental concern throughout the country. "Consequently, any increase in nitrogen leaching into the lake waters has the potential to increase the risk, duration and frequency of toxic algal blooms and other eutrophication effects in lake Horowhenua," Ms Russell said. Samples taken from the lake near the plant on September 4 showed high levels of E coli, which confirms faecal contamination occurred. But the lake would have still been within safe swimming guidelines and Horizons' Proposed One Plan, an environment proposal covering air, water and land objectives, policies and rules, Ms Russell said. Total nitrogen exceeded the Proposed One Plan standard for the lake and soluble inorganic nitrogen was elevated. Both nutrients were significantly higher at incident sites compared with reference sites away from the plant. Incident samples were compared with water quality data from different sites, which are tested monthly for state of the environment purposes. Horowhenua Mayor Brendan Duffy would not comment on the results as he had not seen them. - © Fairfax NZ News

The meeting set for Sept 22nd never eventuated--no notification to owners??

Letter to the editor. Will Mike Frankin of the Levin Chronicle Publish or not??? as he has a habit of only publishing what suits??? --you guessed it the Mayor has the lever of advertising--freedom of speech --hell no.

Neighbourhood Liaison Group LEVIN 22ND SEPT 2013

Duffy's Dump

In a previous election you may recall Major Duffy telling us that the “fantastic landfill” was going to bring half a million dollars in revenue to the community per annum. He couldn’t have got it more wrong. The facts are it has cost the ratepayers millions because council had to comply after the Parliamentary Commission for the Environment did an investigation into HDC’s operations. The (PCE) gave a damming report because of lack of consultation with the community and non-compliance with the resource management act. 

We, as the Neighbourhood Liaison Group have tried for years to get the true facts and figures but the Council still refuse to reveal the true financials (under the commercial sensitivity clause that strangely favours international corporate interests above the public good), very frustrating for a community group trying to preserve the local environment.

Landfill’s built in permeable sand country can never contain all the toxic leachate no matter how much ratepayer’s money is thrown at them…fact. To add insult to injury two thirds of the unscreened rubbish is now imported from outside the region, something you don’t read about in the “Community Connection”.

What Mayor Duffy has been promoting has proved to be an economical and environmental mess. What a shame under Duffy’s watch Horowhenua has resorted to such third world tactics and what a legacy for future generations to live with.

   Malcolm Hadlum (Neighbourhood Liaison Group)


We need an MP with clout to change the bullshit s7(2)(i) clause. Its now a matter of procedure to exclude any public consultation used by regional and local councils…..Lake Horowhenua (Public Excluded)

Read more from the GREEN PARTY about the pollution & inaction of the Horowhenua Council & the Mayor Duffy who spent over $10m on a council building yet nothing on the Lake devastation.

The Lake Horowhenua Restoration Group webite:

The Max Gibbs report failed to address the real problem SLUDGE buildup on the lake bed. The use of weed cutters is not the solution to the problem at hand. Must remove the contaminated sediment beds

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Please note some pages on this website are unlisted for public viewing. Info has been collated from oral conversations from kuia & kaumatua & text material we have accumulated over years. [ Info Indemnity ]