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Horowhenua District Council is considering a report to ratify a 1973 Lake Trust agreement that would allow the Council to continue discharging Levin's stormwater into Lake Horowhenua. Well this is against the whole signing of this Accord as at October 2013 and now are the rest of the signatories following thus allowing them off the hook on this signing of the Accord and cleaning this Lake. Blame can not be put on Mayor Duffy as without the likes of Horizons etc Lindsay Burnell, Nathan Guy & Malcom Guy, DOC these are the ones who must share repsonsibility and they have had many years to support the Council and done nothing.

This proposal is contrary to the principles of the Lake Accord signed by Mayor Duffy less than two months ago.

First of all, the attached report is misleading. An application has been file to the Maori Land Court to prevent nuisance to land. Currently Levin's stormwater is discharged across privately-owned land into Lake Horowhenua. The council it seems claims the application is to dam or block the drain is emotive and misleading. The Lake Accord identifies stormwater diversion as one of the management actions but will they block this action by Council.  Although the report says that consenting issues are not applicable, Horizon's submission point out that discharges of stormwater from urban areas may still require resource consent in the future.  Many of you will be aware of the report produced by Dr Max Gibbs from NIWA last year. More recent research has identified other contaminants entering the lake via Levin's stormwater system. Any storm and waste water discharge to the lake is likely to be a non-complying activity under the One Plan and needs resource consent just like any industry dischargiung waste water.

So why are councillors being asked to condone an activity that is contrary to this Lake Accord that was signed with such fanfare yet is now a joke already?

Click here to download the Horowhenua District Council wanting to release stormwaters into Lake Horowhenua again & repollute the Lake---yes Horowhenua District Council [OPEN pdf: ]

As Nathan Guy said in his speech the Lake is special to all but he must also realize the way to the future of a clean Lake is to get rid of the sludge on the bottom via hydraulic dredging. Without you will never be able to swim in this Lake. But now see what the Horowhenua District Council wants to do contrary to this Accord signing. Its not good that none of the Accord members have even a game plan? They want outside views but a toilet lake holds an obvious solution----stop whats coming in and proscute those who flaunt and pollute then dredge the lake.

Horowhenua District Council prefer a Lake like this and if Sword allows them then

the Maori owners lose their Lake


The media portrayed that this is the historical event to get Lake Horowhenua back into a prestine Lake? But trhis new Chairman Sword is not even an owner and will he now be pressured by the Deputy Chairman Duffy to allow the Council to have a resource consent to keep on polluting the Lake?? Will Sword go against the owners wishes as this venue has not been advertised properly to the owners. He says must ask the owners but the last meeting was attended by only 40 out of 1600? So if one does not even see this writeup as enclosed can they voice their opinions that we want this Lake cleaned and that means the sludge and sediment taken out. If they carry out these wishes Levin will benefit for tourism and business. Without then its just a farce and the Lake will be reduced to a sewer.

We will see as remember $270,000 was paid out to past Trustees for expenses yet nothing was achieved. Will Sword sell us owners by allowing the Mayor to have his own way and get off the hook on the Council destruction of this Lake. A meeting of owners is being convened in October 6th and 10th 2013. ALL OWNERS NEED TO ATTEND.

The sediment and sludge being a toilet is another story.

1/. The Lake Trustees will stop the pollution into the Lake and

2/. Removing the sediment from this "toilet" ---our Lake. FORGET THE VISION GET INTO REALITY.

Heres what he gave out to attendees approx 40 owners before Sandra Williams did her usual antics

At this hui Eugene Henare a Lake Trustee pointed out the ROLD ACT should not be touched. He is right but one Sandra Williams tried to block it. Noel Proctor said that the ROLD ACT will be changed. To all owners the ROLD ACT is a preservation of our rights. Do not ever relinguish these rights and especially when people like Proctor have only concerns for themselves. He wants to build a subdivision on land by the Lake?? wonder why else he wants to change the ROLD ACT. But the Chairman Sword said the ROLD ACT will never be changed and has himself no visions of cleaning the Lake up or removing the sludge or stopping wastewater entering the Lake?. Lets just wait and watch.

10th October 2013 Council meeting 7pm

OPEN TO the Public on the Accord solutions--BUT NOT QUITE

This meeting began with the Police evicting Phil Taueki by the Mayor of the Council Duffy. Not following a Democratic process just a personal vendetta the 60 odd strong public attendance was reduced to 1/2 as many of the public walked out before it got started WHEN they realized the antics of the Council. Those who walked put were right as this was a blatant attempt by the Mayor to stifle people who can bring to the table ideas. In saying that some stayed only as they wished to hear what this Accord had set into place---well they basically set nothing in place and wanted ideas. But the Ideas floated around like Horizons Royguard fish survey and monitoring the middle of the Lake which is no different than putting a teabag in a 25,000 litre water tank--it achieves nothing was actually a joke. Royguard couldn't answer about the vegetation content & wanting removal spasmodically when it will only come back again the next year and achieves nothing but taxpayers money. One has to wonder what he is even doing monitoring water levels etc when he does not address the issue that this Lake is totally pplluted. Bet he doesn't walk in it in bare feet?? One person David Brown said they were going to monitor the inlets monthly but nothing about the other 29-30 days nor who would be prosecuted for entering waste in to the Lake and how? Yet they know these monitors should have been installed ages ago and still nothing today Oct 2013. Wonder why the Lake Trust is not overseeing the monitoring? as this guy isn't even a scientist yet put up a good sum to be paid $50,000 for ongoing costs?? odd over a certain time period. This still does not answer the critical question of a Lake bed cleanup. Its amazing what was said with ideas from a walk path to view dirty water to ideas on the Lake edge for the public. But how can you have these things when you have a dirty stinking Lake??? They come after the dredging so this Accord Group need to come back to reality.

The best answer was from an owner. Monitor the inlets then dredge the Lake. The beneficial rewards come after this for the public, for Levin, for businesses like Tourism. The time factor 1.5 years to do. Cost $4.5m which was not brought up and this owner has even gone to the point of having world experts look at this Lake?? Horizons Jon Royguard has done nothing as he's into monitoring and of course pushing his own ends not those of the owners. The Lake Trustees apart from 2 had nothing to say and the Chairman knows nothing of what must be done. Lets see what the next stage will be. The meeting ended around 8.30pm. Although ideas were noted lets see what this Accord will do next.


WANTS TO KEEP ON POLLUTING as Peter Franklin from the Levin Chronicle Newspaper says below

This is the last we have heard of the Accord as at 19th Oct 2013.


KAUMATUA CHARLES RUDD WROTE IN THE HOROWHENUA MAIL: 15TH AUGUST 2013. NB. Writers expressing letter to the Levin Chronicle are not accepted if about what the Council are up to or if they write the truth.

From the Beehive, Otaki MP Nathan Guy says that the Lake Horowhenua Accord follows success of the Manawatu River Accord which is not a success. If that is so, why does the Horowhenua District Council, a signatory to that Manawatu River Accord still want to pollute and contaminate the Manawatu River?

Is that the same intention and outcome for Lake Horowhenua? What was Mayor Duffy's apology for at the signing of the Lake Accord? Was that for the past, present or future? MR Guy was once a councillor at the failed 1997 Lake Restoration attempt and as an MP seems to have done nothing about Lake Horowhenua's dilemma, an other areas of the district as such.

Also now that the Horowhenua district earthquake-prone buildings have been identified will that now place the restoration of Lake Horowhenua on the back burner? Charles Rudd [Senior] Levin 15th August 2013.

PRESS RELEASE 30th Sept 2013 although is not allowed in the Levin Chronicle Press???

Horowhenua District Council candidate Phil Taueki has accused the Council's Chief Executive of producing a report for this week's council meeting that is misleading and designed to discredit him. He also slams the Lake Accord signed on 4 August this year as a sham, as the Mayor is already reneging on an agreement to divert stormwater away from the privately-owned Lake Horowhenua. Lake Horowhenua is rated one of the ten worst lakes in the country, and last year NIWA scientist Dr Max Gibbs confirmed that under certain conditions, a mouthful of water could kill a child. Council's solicitors have asked council to ratify an agreement made by the Levin Borough Council in 1973 to drain stormwater across the one-chain strip/dewatered area from the Queen Street drain into Lake Horowhenua.
At the time, the Borough Council's works committee had given the Lake Trustees an assurance that it would not permit any water passing through the stormwater drain to be polluted by trade wastes etc and the Trustees were prepared to sign an agreement provided it included these safeguards. The document was not signed by any representatives of the Levin Borough Council. Chief Executive David Clapperton says that all council will be doing it to ratify the execution of an agreement that should have been executed 40 years ago. This would "support Council's opposition to an application by Mr Phillip Taueki to dam or block the Queen Street, Levin drain".
Mr Taueki says that his application to the Maori Land Court is a straightforward claim of nuisance against the Council, and there is no reference in his claim to damming or blocking the drain. The Queen Street drain currently discharges Levin's stormwater across the privately-owned one chain strip and dewatered area which is part of the Horowhenua 11 (Lake). The Local Government Act 2002 does not entitle a local authority to create a nuisance or deprive any person of any right or remedy a person would otherwise have against the local authority in respect of any nuisance. Mr Taueki says that within days of signing the Lake Accord, the council was filing documents in the Maori Court to oppose his application to stop pollutants entering the lake. He is also concerned that the Regional Council last week considered a confidential proposal to acquire land in relation to the Lake Accord that has not been considered by the Lake Trust, let alone the owners. Together with two Lake Trustees, he had been denied speaking rights on this matter.

Mr Taueki says that Dr Gerard McCoy QC who represented him in the Supreme Court earlier this year has already offered to seek a judicial review of any decision the Horowhenua District Council may make. Lake owners for further information, phone 06 368 9316 Levin NZ.


Letter to the editor in the Levin Chronicle Publication 2nd Oct 2013

Neighbourhood Liaison Group LEVIN 22ND SEPT 2013

MAYOR Duffy's Dump

In a previous election you may recall Major Duffy telling us that the “fantastic landfill” was going to bring half a million dollars in revenue to the community per annum. He couldn’t have got it more wrong. The facts are it has cost the ratepayers millions because council had to comply after the Parliamentary Commission for the Environment did an investigation into HDC’s operations. The (PCE) gave a damming report because of lack of consultation with the community and non-compliance with the resource management act. 

We, as the Neighbourhood Liaison Group have tried for years to get the true facts and figures but the Council still refuse to reveal the true financials (under the commercial sensitivity clause that strangely favours international corporate interests above the public good), very frustrating for a community group trying to preserve the local environment.

Landfill’s built in permeable sand country can never contain all the toxic leachate no matter how much ratepayer’s money is thrown at them…fact. To add insult to injury two thirds of the unscreened rubbish is now imported from outside the region, something you don’t read about in the “Community Connection”.

What Mayor Duffy has been promoting has proved to be an economical and environmental mess. What a shame under Duffy’s watch Horowhenua has resorted to such third world tactics and what a legacy for future generations to live with.

   Malcolm Hadlum (Neighbourhood Liaison Group)



The mayor has said to the Evening Standard in April 2013 it would take 20 years to clean the Lake?? but wants to sign this Accord as one can access Central Govt funding.

The problem is the toxic sediment on the bottom of the Lake that must be removed and the following is how this can be achieved according to the budget provided. Over the decades, heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals--both municipal and industrial wastes and herbicides and pesticides from farm runoff--have mixed with the particles of rock, soil, and decomposing items in the Lake. Little attention has been paid to the toxics hiding in the mud on the bottom. The obvious first priority was stopping the discharge of new contaminants.

Now the weed problem: see Horizons own trailer in the muck below

Owners seeking more information can email to Colin PAKI [ SEND EMAIL ]


Will the required budget be enough to dredge the whole lake with those responsible eg. Council, Horizons DOC, Govt grants budgeting the cleanup as nothing has been mentioned? Would dredging the hot spots first be the better solution to start, then rechecked thus working within the required budget? Where to start first and end, noting the main inlets and outlet being the Hokio Stream.

This whole process could be accomplished using owners and overseen by the necessary authorities. It would also be a workable business for the owners to accomplish the same in other contaminated parts of NEW Zealand as we have a duty to our tipuna. This is another reason why us owners need to play their role in the Accord process and not be left out. Withe new elections and the Mayor back in for another term lets hope he can see reason that this Horowhenua Lake needs to be cleaned and rejuvenated back to its former prestine shape.

It has been 62 years that Horowhenua Lake has had sediment, sewerage and contaminants from dairy & horticulture in this Lake ? The Lake is choked with weed, sediment and manures from horticulture and dairy farm run offs account for 50% of the water runoff and this Lake is No 107 of a total 114 most contaminated Lakes in NZ by the Ministry of the Environment. Once rich in food sources from mussels to kakahi it has now been reduced to a contaminated mess.

The blame is on all Maori not thinking and getting their act together. Too much bickering and nothing being achieved. Disgraceful.

All are too blame


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