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HOROWHENUA LAKE ACCORD 2014 and now they want the Chinese lawnmowers to cut the weeds each year??

Good or bad the whole Accord members know the probem yet do not face the facts of reality that a clean Lake can only be solved by dredging the seed bad & sludge from the bottom.

Blame can not be put on Mayor Duffy as without the likes of Horizons etc Lindsay Burnell, Nathan Guy & Malcom Guy, DOC these are the ones who must share repsonsibility and they have had many years to support the Council and done nothing plus they have the resources to help our Council and Lake owners. But Duffy knows the problem but sidesteps it.

Matt Sword the Chairman of the Lake Accord doing wonders. Never mind what was said at the Public Forum that theres only 2 things to do for this cleanup:

1/. Monitor the inlets and stop the pollution coming in & prosecute those who flaunt this


2/. Dredge the Lake.


Well read the latest April 2014 report

Watch who gets to run the work projects and check the Domain Board Iwi reps for their useless commital policies

Click here to download the Horowhenua District Council wanting to release stormwaters into Lake Horowhenua again & repollute the Lake---yes Horowhenua District Council [OPEN pdf: ]

As Nathan Guy said in his speech the Lake is special to all but he must also realize the way to the future of a clean Lake is to get rid of the sludge on the bottom via hydraulic dredging. Without you will never be able to swim in this Lake. But now see what the Horowhenua District Council wants to do contrary to this Accord signing. Its not good that none of the Accord members have even a game plan? They want outside views but a toilet lake holds an obvious solution----stop whats coming in and proscute those who flaunt and pollute then dredge the lake. Yet Nathan Guy just patronizes the Accord as its votes for him lost if he does not??????the Democratic process.

Horowhenua District Council prefer a Lake like this

the Maori owners lose their Lake & yet the last Lake owners meeting AGM changed the time of the ad from 11am on Facebook to 10am in the advertised meeting date:Check below:



In each ad note the time of 11am. When people arrived the meeting had finished as they conducted it at 10am as they ran a 10am start ad on Facebook??????????????So you had to read Facebook and many do not even have a computer. So read the info at the bottom if an owner in the Lake wants copies of the financials & the meeting they can uplift from the MTA. Well those who went to uplift were told sorry we know nothing about it but if you wish to travel to Wellington you can get from the Tuia Group lawyers of which Matt Sword works for?

Now you see what is happening and the owners had no say.

As put forward to them they HAVE NOT BOTHERED

1/. To monitor the inlets for further pollution & to prosecute notice on anyone who pollutes the Lake. Well we all know the Council wish to continue dumping waste into our Lake

2/. They have not even looked at removing the sediment from the Lake bed.

3/. They have zero contingency plans apart from pretty plans ro do everything but clean the toilet--the sludge.


Chris Findlayson

But check some of the Ministers: In Nov 2014 Chris Findlayson whose also SIS Minister defended the ludicrous 1 day submission process on the grounds that 6 months of chitchat really wasn't necessary. Will coming from Chris indicates a sin rather than telling lies. He quickly reassured the public his comment had just been the proiduct of an early morning interview.


Environment Minister Amy Adams announced on May 11th $24 million will be used to address land use management and counter the effects of urban waste water and the ongoing effects of historical farming practices. The money is from an original funding of $72 million in 2008 as part of the Rotorua Te Arawa lakes water quality improvements programme, between the district and regional councils and Te Arawa Lakes Trust. The Crown provided half of the $144 million needed to help restore four priority lakes _ Rotorua, Rotoiti, Okareka and Rotoehu. The rest of the funding was jointly made by the Rotorua District Council and Bay of Plenty Regional Council.


It has been 62 years that Horowhenua Lake has had sediment, sewerage and contaminants from dairy & horticulture in this Lake ? The Lake is choked with weed, sediment and manures from horticulture and dairy farm run offs account for 50% of the water runoff and this Lake is No 107 of a total 114 most contaminated Lakes in NZ by the Ministry of the Environment. Once rich in food sources from mussels to kakahi it has now been reduced to a contaminated mess.

Now the Council want rate payers to fund $191,000 of the costs when they have already been given Government money?April 2015. The MTA are doing nothing they are a nothing.

Sept 2015 The problem here is that the Trustees should be saying:

1/. When will anyone be able to swim in the Lake &

2/. What about the sludge at the bottom then go to [Arawhata flooding problem ]

so this resource consent when it goes thru will mean no clean Lake for another 35 years

Read the latest in October 2015

Eugene is correct. The Lake needs to be cleaned from the bottom up. The other Lake Trustees

bar 2 others have voted with their feet & it is they who will be blamed for their total incompetence listening & guided

not by themselves but with the Chairman. Its all about money for themselves??? & in 35 years the cost to

dredge forget as it will never happen. Thats what they do not think about.


The blame is on all Maori not thinking and getting their act together. Too much bickering and nothing being achieved. Disgraceful.

All are too blame


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