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TE PUNI KOKIRI & will the Tuia Group of lawyers do the negotiating for Muaupoko MTA 2013 as we dont need them


Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui (Major Kemp) was the main negotiator with the government in the 1800s and was coerced by Government agents and lawyers but now the social service org called the MTA or Muaupoko Tribal Authority want to be the sole negotiator and not allow direct claimants the right to be a part of the Wai negotiations. Te Puni Kokiri are no different, and below is a good example of how they are allowing one party only without meeting with the other party. Why have TPK not sort or met with the majority of claimants? why have formulated a draft plan without mentioning the majority of claimants views? The below draft is what was circulated to members of Muaupoko. It looks like the cluster group are part of the MTA and no mention that this group are not affiliated with the MTA. This is an atrocious document prepared by TPK. There are 2 stories not just one. What about us Kaumatua??

No veting of who voted and if they are members of Muaupoko via whakapapa allows this voting process to be fraudulent due to some voters being minors in name



Muaupoko you need to voice your concerns on this mandate. There is no leadership in Muaupoko and there is no way inexperienced Wai52 mandate new claimants [ all original claimants have passed away ] are going to express what the tribe wants. Check out how we feel about the [ Welcome to the Maori Party ] for if they the Maori Party does nothing then you know these MPs are there for the money & themselves?




1a]. A retired Rotorua lawyer and his client Ms Taukamo were shown pallets of cash in Amsterdam as proof of a $27 million inheritance & were duped in an African internet scam. John David Rangitauira, 61, got 4.5 years jail in Rotorua District Court convicted by a jury & guilty of obtaining by deception bank loans as well as funds from a Maori trust under his control in the Rotorua District Court Nov 2011. The charges were brought following a Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation. Four charges of obtaining by deception and an alternative charge of theft by a person in a special relationship. He stood to make $6 million from the $27 million inheritance offered to Jennifer Taukamo in an email from "Central Bank" and flew to Amsterdam. However, when Ms Taukamo fell ill she gave the lawyer authority to act on her behalf. When the overseas contacts began demanding money to clear the inheritance, Rangitauira borrowed from Westpac Bank but also allegedly used $338,000 from a Maori trust that he chaired. The $27 million promised to the pair never arrived. He borrowed a total of $506,000 & promised a US$5.3 million cut of the inheritance

1 b]. Then we have Gisborne lawyer Atareta Poananga four charges before the Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal - two of forgery and false declaration, and two of misconduct relating to the period 2008 to 2010.

1c]. Law offices & accountancy firms can no longer control Trusts accounts for individuals due to their dishonesty.


Tuia Group work for the MTA. They in fact have Mathew Sword as Chairman of the Accord; Chairman of the Lakw Trustees, and his wife is on the MTA Board. Conflicts of interest--yes indeed. We would like to know what the bill was for the MTA Waitangi Treaty claim up till now? as nothing is published nor told to us members? Do we Trust these lawyers who have had no background of cases nor know our lands etc and not even members of out iwi??? would you? Why haven't the MTA had a hui for reprentation as a Tust Board. Why closed shop? why so much distrust.


The MTA Board is a mess. Board members elected via a few families only. Meetings held the day of advertising when all the hapu meetings should have a database and those on emails notified well prior to holding huis. Sir Wiras Gardiner said the MTA Board is a mess and rightfully so. Board members never attend Council plan meetings nor voice their concerns nor represent hapus with wastewater management or our Lakew business. They sit back waiting for the handouts & money only. They never attended any Land Banking meetings nor voiced the return of lands and property. Not one Board member has ever expressed to the media nor attended lake Domain Board meetings. The MTA Board is top heavy with 2 members per hapu instead of one and lack the skills as Sir Wira points out. Its dominated by a few for a few and they lack the necessary skills as a board..


For this reason the MTA should be dissolved and reformed. The CEO needs to be elected as his term expired for 5 years yet he lobbied to be placed back in. TPK Te Puni Kokiri are not doing their job yet it is they who advertised for this mandate.

MTA Governance in Question

November 2nd 2013 this meeting regarding Sir Wira Gardiners independent review report of the MTA was held at 11am at the Levin Memorial Hall to outline the current and past MTA governance. In attendence approx 30+ tribe members. Wira Gardiner set out his recommendations and well done. It was not a good showing of the MTA business efforts up till now from 2010 and in fact has been a total failure in his eyes. Sir Wira outlined that the MTA are only concerned about the $$$$ they hope to get from the Government by going direct negotiations bypassing the Waitangi Tribunal and nothing to do with good governance or the tribe's well being. In fact he is so right as the MTA never voice their opinions on our Lake issues, never make statements unless to patronize themselves and never assist the mainstream of the tribe. He is dead correct in what his report showed and he has put together 21 proposals that should be followed. It may be that Steve Hirini's CEO job being discontinued was actually justified as the question what he has done to improve the tribal affairs was indeed sad. In fact it was a shock to the system as basically he is on a payroll but has achieved very little except self gain. Sir Wira Gardiner's Independent FULL report was not given out to anyone least of all any registered members and the MTA said that if one wants to read it they can at the MTA office. However the 21 recommendations what this MTA needs to establish are available at the MTA office and we will soon publish for the owners.

This mandate process is a complete whitewash as the MTA Board is totally out of touch with the wider iwi community. They do not give out newletters, never keep a database of iwi members; publish statements for hui meetings the day it happens so those who are rural receive the following day after the meetings take place for hapu meetings. Not one Board members has attended nor sdpoken on the Annual draft plans. Not one Board member attends the Domain Board meetings. Not one Board members says anything in the media of progress. Not one Board member turns up to talk about our Lake; not one board member has the brains to enact that the wider claimants group wants to go to hearings.

The mandate direct negotiation process and what some Tribal settlements endured and encountered negotiating with the Crown negotiators, [ Case study by CFRT ]

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