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On Wed 19th June 2013 members of the MTA have asked to hold the below special meeting---- will the anomolies & bad governance finally come out. Will this show those in the box seats will now be scrutinized ---lets hope so. Steve Hirini has his job back 24th June but poor Steve must be watching over his back as he will be wondering or knows why there are now 2 factions and 1 of which is out to get him ??? But has Steve done his job to a satisfactory standard and we must ask his 5 year term was up so in fact this job should not this job be readvertised? yet it hasn't. He lobbied for signatures to prop him back in? lead by Sandra Williams & Trevor Hill [2] questionable controversials pokespersons who have had their share of bad business within.

Read more in the below Nov review by Sir Wira Gardiner. Sir Wira has done a wonderful job in scrutinizing the MTA since 2010 and it is not a good report fore the present Board or MTA business functionality. In fact it the MTA will never ever succeed with the present format and with some of the members [ TPK ] Te Puni Kokiri & Pita Sharples of the Maori Party will now have to look seriously at this mandate seeking by the MTA to keep their own mana in place otherwise they are going to look dopey. Boy it doesn't sound good at all when you read about their last AGM in 2012 that only has 21 people attend & they never had a required quorum of 25 & now the MTA has a split in the ranks as they are all in for the money grab and jobs for themselves & immediate families but not the wider whanau?? Makes one wonder where all the postal votes came from or were these voters so dumb they just went along with this lot for the ride. We keep asking why one Wai claim of new claimants can take precedent over all those other claims in the meantime & TPK cannot get around this one easy by signing off? For Steve Hirini it could be a blessing in the sky as those of us watching are not as bad as what he thinks. He will however need to be more clear to those of us and not forget those of us who are honest as his job is now certainly on the line as Sir Wira said at the below meeting. But like anything its up to him as sooner rather than later he will reap what he doth sow.


Whooops we blew it --- we found another ad 2 days later that says this:

MTA printing ad DATES a complete mixup. Looks like we missed something. 2 dates, 2 meetings so toss the coin & ask yourself which is the real one? The meeting went as planned on the 20th July and it was decided to form the review committee of members of the MTA lead by Brendon Tukapua. Sir Wira Gardiner is leading this investigation into the affairs.

MTA Governance in Question

November 2nd 2013 this meeting regarding his independent review report of the MTA was held at 11am at the Levin Memorial Hall to outline the current and past MTA governance. In attendence approx 30+ tribe members. Wira Gardiner set puit his recommendations and well done. It was not a good showing of the MTA business efforts up till now from 2010 and in fact has been a total failure in his eyes. Sir Wira outlined that the MTA are only concerned about the $$$$ they hope to get from the Government by going direct negotiations bypassing the Waitangi Tribunal and nothing to do with good governance or the tribe's well being. In fact he is so right as the MTA never voice their opinions on our Lake issues, never make statements unless to patronize themselves and never assist the mainstream of the tribe. He is dead correct in what his report showed and he has put together 21 proposals that should be followed. It may be that Steve Hirini's CEO job being discontinued was actually justified as the question what he has done to improve the tribal affairs was indeed sad. In fact it was a shock to the system as basically he is on a payroll but has achieved very little except self gain. Sir Wira Gardiner's Independent FULL report was not given out to anyone least of all any registered members and the MTA said that if one wants to read it they can at the MTA office. However the 21 recommendations what this MTA needs to establish are available at the MTA office.

I wonder if Pita Sharples will ask for a copy of the full report or TPK, now that this has come out? as this could make a difference on the mandate process AND SO IT SHOULD.

Now as a member of the MTA would it not be right to put the cards on the table and allow members to have a copy of this independent report by Wira as it is a damning report on the MTA to date. Should they have the mandate; should they lead the tribe when the MTA is for a few. Well after reading this report maybe the Government and Pita Sharples will have to go with the Section 29 that has been with the MLC [Maori Land Court] for near 3 years to get the Tribes affairs straightened out. You got it, many trusts are defunct;

Hokio A & Hokio Maori Township Trusts

Lake Trustees

Lake Domain Board

Houses at Hokio have been vandalized & one just got burn't down with no insurance, zero rents, zero rates and noone pays so owners suffer. Lake Trustees have spent most of the money and achieved nothing. Lake Domain Board is also defunct as it meets every 2 months but still does not address a polluted Lake. Hokio A & Township still are not collecting rent from the squatters in the houses & yet another house was diliberately burn't down recently. No rent, no rates paid, no water paid? The tribe is a mess and the MTA have done nothing to get it right or help in any way with some of the same people living in these houses. The actual shareholders receive no rental.

Some of these are committee members of the MTA and should lead by example but of course we know they are for themselves noone else. Then we have those Independents who formed this Special meeting are also MTA Board members while 2 others support the MTA on the Board so guess what they are thinking. They certainly won't want Wiras report to be looked at?? Sir Wira said having 2 from each hapu is one too many--he is right. . Also the number of Boartd members should be 7 not 14 at present which is far too many. When he asked for a show of hands they were slow to put them up for 7 but when he asked for a show of hands for 14 noone responded. So what does that tell you?

It also makes for certain families getting on to control as well so becomes dictatorial and Sir Wira is correct in what he says. Of course those on the MTA which is now divided into 2 factions will go along with getting anything passed as they are in for the $$$$$$ & when you see the track record of those who initiated this then you will understand. To be an effective body the MTA must not have conflictions; the Board must be representative for all not a few families. Most of all they need to be honest and when you look at their track record its far from that.


Whanau wake up............ the truth has come out and none better than from Sir Wira Gardiner in his independent report. He called for a full AGM to be ASAP.


Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui--- Major Kemp


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