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Not sure how the MTA are running affairs now but looks like a skeleton crew on board with not even a receptionist. The Chair woman Matt Sword's wife has resigned it seems and a new Chair is Millie Pior?? with the CEO still Mick Wilton's daughter Di Rump who is good and wants to help and probably the best for the job at hand --perhaps the best of the lot of them. However we think the pay roll has slowed down and they don't seem to be placing their full page ads in the Levin Chronicle any more maybe due to the lack of activities which are zero and the lack of how to do as the pot has run dry. The MTA has no business rolls like Whanau Ora and like Raukawa who employs many, the MTA is now scratching out just to survive. Its a shame that this organisation hasn't sorted their business out and they probably never will with their attitudes as they have relied on handouts all these years and plundered all the monies given just like the old Runanga & the Kurahaupo Waka Society all of which are defunct. They must start looking at themselves where they went wrong and put right but as we have seen at the Waitangi hearings when the Muaupoko cluster and unreprented Wai claimants spoke the MTA were no where to be seen when they should be there to listen to these claimants and try to dissolve the bickering that prevails. They do neither?.

The Waitangi Tribunal is presently sitting with the 3rd session in Wellington on the 14th December. It has been a show of breaches for Muaupoko but the main thing will be just who will reap the rewards and will our tamariki ever get to be looked after with any settlement. Perhaps now the MTA cannot go direct negotiations as they never really had a hui to decide on who owns Wai 52 claim and as one Wai 52 Claimant told us the hui they were supposed to have with the holders of Wai 52 & MTA never happened???? This mean't the MTA just slotted names in the suit themselves but forgot to ask those who held their place!!!!

With the Crown and Waitangi Tribunal led by Sir Tamati Reedy, Sir Doug Kidd and Judge Fox plus the Crown who are excellent the concerns were of the many breaches and especially what happened to our tipuna Kemp who was Trustee for the tribe. He was subjected to all sorts of deceit by Buller his lawyer and McLean the Government agent but we will have more information for you as we go.

The sad part about the first No 1 week of hearings was the cluster slamming certain whanau which is wrong and also why was Kemp the sole agent. Well to put it plain it was because as a trustee he saw if indiviual Maori had the land they would sell it and he was right. Even though he said in the G2 files Horowhenua Commission 1890 he said he would happily give the Trusteeship to Ihaia Taueki BUT the tribe said no !--

-Kemp must hold for the people as they saw in Kemp the leadership and mana he had. Some were also squabling over whakapapa and the Crown was not even interested when they should have been talking about breaches by the Crown towards Muaupoko. The good part was a few did just that so the Crown have a big job to untangle the web of Intent to decieve by their own in regards to Kemp's .

Strange as it sounds in later years 50-80's we see many land shares sold to settlers and the local farmers in Horowhenua. One in particular managed to accumulate around 6000 acres or close to it and owns many of the Maori blocks even urupa?


BUT BE REASSURED MUAUPOKO WERE NEVER A DEFEATED TRIBE. The decision came about when Tanguru and Rangihaeata met and decided to fight it out.

It was he Tanguru who confronted Rangihaeata and faced him man to man – taiaha vs axe –he confronted yet it was Rangihaeata who backed off. “Go” he said, “I spare you. Escape while you may”. This is the famous standoff that many have said Muaupoko were a defeated tribe! Page 9 Early Horowhenua,



Everyone we talk to even the public know that the only way to clean this Lake is to take the sediment sewerage out. The Health Dept letter of 1948 which said and told HDC to start putting raw sewerage into Horowhenua Lake was the catalyst to get the government to accept responsibility and clean this Lake up. The Accord is a sham but its a start and thats what counts but we must get our Lake cleaned with any settlement. There have been lots of projects with the MTA with certain ones being paid to do studies yet nothing comes down to Muaupoko apart from charts and research on such things as demographic situations of the past or toheroa research etc. Noone asked the locals or the tribe for their views and in fact not many even know.

The HDC Horowhenua Distrist Council will also now have to pay as with the Horizons Regional council and they have to pay it now. But the problem is will the Crown enforce this as we certainly don't want time payment. They put the sewerage into our Lake--they take it out.

[ Don't forget whanau you want your say then write to us at the address below. All emails are addressed in confidence. Believe us we are straight up and for ALL not a few & certainly not in the pocket].


The review by Sir Wira Gardener. But read on.[ TPK ] Te Puni Kokiri will now have to look seriously at this mandate seeking by the MTA to keep their own mana in place otherwise they are going to look dopey. Boy it doesn't sound good at all when you read about their last AGM in 2012 that only has 21 people attend & they never had a required quorum of 25 & now the MTA has a split in the ranks?? Makes one wonder where all the postal votes came from or were these voters so dumb they just went along with this lot for the ride. We keep asking why one Wai claim of new claimants can take precedent over all those other claims in the meantime & TPK cannot get around this one easy by signing off?



Hokio A & Hokio Maori Township Trusts

Lake Trustees

Lake Domain Board

Houses at Hokio have been vandalized & one just got burn't down with no insurance, zero rents, zero rates and noone pays so owners suffer. Lake Trustees have spent most of the money and achieved nothing. Lake Domain Board is also defunct as it meets every 2 months but still does not address a polluted Lake. Hokio A & Township still are not collecting rent from the squatters in the houses & yet another house was diliberately burn't down recently. No rent, no rates paid, no water paid? The tribe is a mess and the MTA have done nothing to get it right or help in any way with some of the same people living in these houses. The actual shareholders pay no rental but wehat of the over 1600 other owners who subsidize this lot living for free and have a rates bill over $200,000 to date.

Some of these are committee members of the MTA and should lead by example but of course we know they are for themselves noone else. Then we have those Independents who formed this Special meeting are also MTA Board members while 2 others support the MTA on the Board so guess what they are thinking. They certainly won't want Wiras report to be looked at?? Sir Wira said having 2 from each hapu is one too many--he is right. . Also the number of Board members should be 7 not 14 at present which is far too many. When he asked for a show of hands they were slow to put them up for 7 but when he asked for a show of hands for 14 noone responded. So what does that tell you?

It also makes for certain families getting on to control just like the failed Runanga & Kurahaupo Waka Board as well so becomes dictatorial MTA and Sir Wira is correct in what he says. Of course those on the MTA which is now divided will go along with getting anything passed as they are in for the $$$$$$ & when you see the track record of those who initiated this then you will understand. To be an effective body the MTA must not have conflictions; the Board must be representative for all not a few families. Most of all they need to be honest and when you look at their track record its far from that..................................... wnat more than just ask the locals or even Raukawa as if this MTA gets the mandate forget the tamariki of tomorrow. The Muaupoko Cluster has come up with the ace card as far as the Lake is with the Health letter. The MTA has been getting paid by Crown Forestry Rental Trust and have had researchers also who are paid. There have also been reports done by MTA members noone else so all the money they have received has gone up in smoke.

Where is the Board of Trustees that Sir Wira said must be formed? Nothing as at Dec 2015

Whanau wake up............ the truth has come out and none better than from Sir Wira Gardiner in his independent report. He called for a full AGM to be ASAP.


Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui--- Major Kemp


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