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With Detroit in USA bankrupt and other cities following what of NZ Councils and their perspective of business management plans going to do to their cities. Stop the crony capitalist games, little entreprenuers cannot start business without going thru layers of unnecessary beauracracy. Rates keep increasing yearly, resource consents getting worse for business owners and house owners and waste water projects are needing bigger works. Can we successfully work within our budgets or will Councils keep borrowing thinking the interest rates will remain the same.

Pension benefits in USA are being cut in half as cities like Detroit lived on borrowed money. In NZ we have Kiwi saver but noone knows where these funds are being invested. Now National under Key wants the Reserve bank to look at 20% kiwi saver downpayments for first home buyers but how the heck will anyone with 20% equity pay off a mortgage in their lifetime based on the rising costs of petrol, rates, insurances, living standards are at and rising. Its impossible to pay a $200k loan amount to a back payment of $500k so work that out as immaterial of interest rates and inflation thats the approx figure you will pay back.


NZ cannot manufacture profitably as must now outsource overseas due to our own greedy policies and the policies implemented to get past the beauracracy. Remember Governments and Bankers lie a thats how they make money and get votes. The working class in NZ will never make it today as jobs become scarce and one cannot pick and choose what jobs they want. You are expendable and when more manufacturing heads overseas more jobs will be lost.

A scare like is happening with Fonterra in August 2013 that NZ is 100% clean and green is the start. With polluted lakes like our Lake Horowhenua and the Accord signed by Council acknowledging they polluted the Lake yet have no plan to dredging just changes nothing. So how can we say our waterways are 100% clean when in fact the Manawatu River is still being used as a dumping ground for dairy runoff. A dairy cow produces 45kgs of waste every day -- equal to that of 20-40 people, and this all goes on land with no toilets, sewers, or treatment plants. 1.4 million dairy cows produce as much waste as 28–56 million people

What the Waikatere City Council have to say:

"Farm run-off, especially that from dairy farms, can add significantly to the contamination of waterways. Apart from farm oxidation ponds that have been shown to contain high levels of bacteria and pathogens, a large amount of animal waste ends up on the paddock. Depending on a number of factors including distance to the nearest stream, rainfall intensity and stock numbers - faecal material ends up in waterways, which ultimately discharge to the sea. Where stock have access to streams and rivers for drinking water, excrement may be deposited directly into the water."



1/. Animal waste contains disease-causing pathogens, like Salmonella, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and fecal coliform, which can be 10 to 100 times more concentrated than in human waste. Over 40 diseases can be transferred to humans through manure. In NZ note the many dairy farms who spray effluent over their land then watch the cows who then eat it. Remember mad cow disease feeding a cow a cow. Now we see a cow eating grass contaminated with excrement then we drink the milk products that Fonterra makes? Could this be cancerous, could this now be contamination that we are not aware of?

2/. Antibiotic use in total are added to animal feed every year, mainly to boost up livestock growth. This widespread use of antibiotics on animals contributes to the rise of resistant bacteria, making it harder to treat human illnesses. Cows are also one of the most significant contributors to water pollution and soil degradation.

3/. High levels of nitrates in drinking water also increase the risk of methemoglobinemia which can affect babies.Methane emitted from cows’ digestions process—called enteric fermentation—and their manure is the most critical potential impact of dairy production.

4/. NZ MP Nick Smith has removed the provision from the draft NPS which requires a resource consent, as a discretionary activity, for land use intensification. This is despite the fact that nearly every report on water quality identifies land use intensification as the main cause of water quality decline in New Zealand. To say NZ is 100% clean and green is a falacy if our waterways stay polluted. The PM failed to admit that the money required for clean-up of our rivers and lakes will increase because of his policies.

5/. Dairy excrement from farms is not processed as sewage—making it about 500 times more concentrated than treated human waste while leaving pathogens (like Salmonella and E. coli) and volatile chemicals intact. Eventually as more farms are converted in NZ to dairy we will have even more problems as property speculations build more and we have the added reliance on increasing underground water supplies that could very well be polluted.

Clostridium Botulinum is often found in soil and may have entered Fonterras processing plant because of an unsanitary pipe at a processing plant.The bacteria can cause botulism, a potentially fatal disease which affects the muscles and can cause respiratory problems. Infant botulism can attack the intestinal system. Fonterra said the contamination was due to dirty pipes in a Waikato plant in May 2012 but samples showed a bacteria problem in March 2013, but it was not until 31 July that testing indicated the a bacteria was present that could lead to botulism. Now look at NZ 100% clean, green image --- and now our waterways which could lead to further contamination of a different sort.


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We keep polluting our lakes and rivers and lie about it.


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