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Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui (Major Kemp) son of



Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui (Major Kemp) was the main negotiator with the government but due to shady deals he was in debt as the land grab in NZ spread.



case of one man making decisions for a tribe started like this:

A long-running dispute over an investment that is believed to have cost a Taranaki iwi nearly half its $14.5 million treaty payout is expected to be settled in the High Court this month. The saga began between 2003 and 2005 when Ngati Tama is invested $7m in the My Virtual Home Company. The conflict, between My Virtual Home, which is in receivership, and Ngati Tama Custodian Trustee of Taranaki first arose in 2009. At that time Justice J Heath made an order in the High Court to stop the Ngati Tama Custodian Trustee company from taking any further steps to dispose of assets of Creative Design and Software Pty Ltd, The Australian subsidiary of My Virtual Home International, registered in New Zealand. The Ngati Tama iwi comes from northern Taranaki, in between Urenui and Mokau.

The dispute is over who owns source codes and licences, with the validity of security documents given by Creative Design Software Pty Ltd critical. My Virtual Home is a software programme which helps design and visualise building plans, which can be used by homeowners to make virtual alterations to see how they would look. Ngati Tama had previously taken out a debenture over Creative Design Software. It is believed Ngati Tama supplied $7m out of the $26m invested in My Virtual Home. The total is almost half of the iwi's $14.5m Treaty claim settlement it received in 2003. Greg White, who stood for National in the Maori seat of Te Tai Hauauru in the 2002 election, is the manager of Ngati Tama Custodian Trustee. He said he was limited in what he could say about the case because the matter was before the courts. Mr White is one of seven directors of the company and his father is listed as the sole shareholder. However, an iwi source told the Taranaki Daily News that some board members did not know about the extent of the investment in the company. "I can guarantee there are people on that board who don't know about it all," the person, who did not wish to be named, said. "We've (wider iwi) been left out of the picture." The source said there had been no annual general meeting for the last two years and there seemed to be confusion over the roles and obligations of board members. "They're meant to be keeping everyone informed, in the best interests of wider iwi." It is believed elderly kaumatua within the tribe had met to discuss the investment. Mr White denied that the board had not been informed. "The matter is before the courts at this moment so I'm limited by what I can say, but the board have approved the investment. "We are behind though. I'm not happy with the pace and the time it's taken to complete reports." He said board members usually represented their larger families and it was up to them to inform those whanau members.
Getting information to put into a report for Ngati Tama was now reliant on the outcome of court proceedings, he said. The case is expected to be heard in the Auckland High Court, starting on Monday. The court will consider who owned the source codes in late 2008, whether two debentures were valid and whether receivers of Computer Design Software Pty Ltd were validly appointed by Ngati Tama Custodian Trustee Ltd. - Taranaki Daily News




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