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Shannon's wastewater is a problem they say is solved but some disagree. Well known Vice Chairman of the Horowhenua District Ratepayers and Residents Assoc Dave Thompson has said the Levin consultations x2 meeting only had one councillor present throughout namely Anne Hunt. Dave is well known for assisting the rate payers of Levin. Foxton community Board members weren't there to look after their members so they are not that interested it seems? Horowhenua District Council voted to spend $5.7 million on a project that would send 19 % of the town's treated waste into the Manawatu River with the rest to be sprayed on a farm they bought. In reality it should not put any in this river as the volume could increase over time or during the time they decide to discharge. Wednesday night previous the Mayor Brendan Duffy we were told spoke in favour of Option B. which would allow council to discharge into the Manawatu River for 114 days. The report to council referred to iwi consultation and spoke of dealings with Rangitane, but failed to mention that there had been no consultation with Ngati Whakatere, Iwi of Ngati Raukawa  - despite council's intention to place a sewer outlet pipe near their marae. Council's lawyer, Andrew Cameron, and Wally Potts, as the author of the council report, both knew of this oversight, because representatives from Ngati Whakatere turned up for the Judicial Conference in PN before Judge Dwyer a fortnight beforehand to bring it to their attention. Judge Dwyer allowed them to table a letter along these lines but why did not these lawyers comment on the Iwis concerns when they knew. It was in the Evening Standard that one councillor Cr Leigh McMeeken said she felt more consultation and more investigation was needed before councillors made a decision. " a rash decision on something we've been looking at for a number of years." Leigh supported the position that HDC should consult only with MTA and TMI yet not with Kaumatua elders. MTA certainly do not represent all Muaupoko as if so they would be present at Council meetings and take an interest in whats happening with our Lake Horowhenua. They do neither and never voice concerns on behalf of the tribe. They never make submissions on the Annual Draft Plan nor attend Domain Board meetings nor DO they speak on issues important to us. Little wonder they are there perhaps for the treaty settlement money to spend on themselves but its sad they do not support these important issues in our rohe and environment for all peoples and community.


Dairy cows produce 45 kgs of untreated effluent per day equivalent to 20-40 people Animal waste contains disease-causing pathogens, like Salmonella, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and fecal coliform, which can be 10 to 100 times more concentrated than in human waste. Over 40 diseases can be transferred to humans through manure so just think of all the diary farms who spray their lands with sewerage???.

[ The facts about Dairy & Polluted Lakes & Rivers in NZ ]

Judge Dwyer also accused Horizons of collusion by allowing HDC to continue discharging into the waterways but what will the pipeline to the river now cost and what quantities will be released? Heaven help those living on this river to continue with the pollution.

Sounds good but it does not say much about volumes which could increase the rate of expelling as they could no doubt build up and stockpile then release the effluent in large quantities in the term specified. Water and Environmental Care Association chairman Mike Smith said this was wrong & local Iwi were not even consulted? It seems it has taken 20 years to work this one out and it is now said there was some misconceptions on the real consultation process as again we are seeing the pollution going into the river? so what about the Lake and wastewater & sewerage overflow. [ Read More ]

Would you swim in this??


The mayor has said to the Evening Standard in April 2013 it would take 20 years to clean the Lake?? but wants to sign this Accord as one can access Central Govt funding. The big question remains will they drege the Lake?.

The problem is the toxic sediment on the bottom of the Lake that must be removed and this can be achieved according to the budget provided. Over the decades, heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals--both municipal and industrial wastes and herbicides and pesticides from farm runoff--have mixed with the particles of rock, soil, and decomposing items in the Lake. Little attention has been paid to the toxics hiding in the mud on the bottom. The obvious first priority was stopping the discharge of new contaminants but the next is to dredge.


Will the required budget be enough to dredge the whole lake with those responsible eg. Council, Horizons DOC, Govt grants budgeting the cleanup as nothing has been mentioned? Would dredging the hot spots first be the better solution to start, then rechecked thus working within the required budget? Where to start first and end, noting the main inlets and outlet being the Hokio Stream.

This whole process could be accomplished using owners and overseen by the necessary authorities. It would also be a workable business for the owners to accomplish the same in other contaminated parts of NEW Zealand as we have a duty to our tipuna. This is another reason why us owners need to play their role in the Accord process and not be left out.

It has been 62 years that Horowhenua Lake has had sediment, sewerage and contaminants from dairy & horticulture in this Lake ? The Lake is choked with weed, sediment and manures from horticulture and dairy farm run offs account for 50% of the water runoff and this Lake is No 107 of a total 114 most contaminated Lakes in NZ by the Ministry of the Environment. Once rich in food sources from mussels kakahi to fish it has now been reduced to a contaminated mess.


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