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Under the New Zealand Settlements Act 1863 the government confiscated 1.2 million acres (486,000 hectares) of Maori land in late 1864. Kemp in The Horowhenua was forced to give and sell land to the Government agents who wanted legal fees, cheap grazing and survey costs which were unknown at the time. Maori lost a great deal of its lands and

Pākehā settlers would occupy the confiscated land while successive governments would bring in new laws like the Public Works Acts to confiscate even more lands. The Government in 2012 will not negotiate with the direct descendents hence urban authorities with indirect links to our direct descendent lines are now taking place yet it is an injustice to Maoridom. Letters to Ministers as of March 2nd 2013 have gone unanswered with even our Maori MP's turning a blind eye.




The lakebed, dewatered zone, islands and the Hokio Stream are owned by beneficial members of the Muaupoko tribe 1511 of them in 81 shares, as determined by the Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act (ROLD) 1956. The lake waters Muaupoko Domain, dewatered zone and one chain reserve strip in front of the Muaupoko Domain are vested under the Reserves Act 1977 in the Horowhenua Lake Domain Board. To date they have achieved nothing and even today sewerage is released into the Horowhenua Lake by the Council when it is overloaded and leaked again in August 2014 from the Arawhata Stream yet nothing is published.


The Horowhenua Lake is not going forward--- as the Lake trustees can't think of a plan to use these buildings but at the same time most buildings don't even have a lease as this Trust does not interact with the Domain Board whose also at limbo--Horizons are not even monioring the inlets properly--no signs are erected 2018 ? Reason why---these idiots can't formulate anything apart from money to themselves and thats why in the 45 years plus this Lake remains the same. The Lake Accord to date as at August 2014 haved done nothing except get paid to meet?? Tear down builidngs you lose the consent that goes with it so its important that the Trustees think each for themselves instead of sitting on the fence by not expressing themselves as some are doing

The Awawhata stream bridge roading project in July now August 2014 has slowed due maybe but not sure to the Council not having a resource consent by Horizons or the fact the jumble of a mess is in the hard basket? If so this means the roadway Higgins is building on Hokio Beach Road will not be finished now until resolved as the bridge over the Awawhata needs to be widened and finished. The problem as at August 2014 is the culverts for the bridge structure cannot be placed as water needs to pumped out??? So in the meantime the waste continues its journey into the Lake. See the jumble of a mess below of pipes etc that Higgins contractors have to deal with as these pipes are not allowed below the water line. Finally iunn late Sept the project weas finished and the road is good. Horizons put in for resource consent and this was granted to fix up the inlet water coming into the Lake from the Arawhata which is a welcome sign

There you go owners look what we have to put up with as this mess but finally finished in late Oct 2015.

Is it a case of no resource consent!!! or is the the engineering designers complicating the works too much as you can see by the crazy pipe layouts & the inability of Higging contractors to complete the works. This bridge roadworks had many problems the worst being a fracture of the pipeline which cost Higgins plenty as the sewerage pumps failed and cost them $30,000 a time to fix we were told.

The mess of piping in the Arawhata Stream & in August 2014 the sewerage was perforated by a Higgins worker . The worker we were told forgot to tell his boss at the time but then sewerage trucks had to be called in from Tatana's and JB Sewerage ---one amazing story after another as they could not get a new collar for a few weeks/ More costs.

On going as at August 2014 & no solution in sight & after a rain on August 1st we made a check on on the 2nd August 2014. The paddock where the dairy cows had just been grazing the week prior now leaked cow dung into the stream and flooded into the Horowhenua Lake. It just goes on and on yet these Lake Trustees, Council & Horizons have no solutions for this mess. We also have the garden growers: Woodhaven Gardens Ltd who wants a resource consent for water 103,200m2 over a period of one year for irrigation of market gardens they run. The runoff into our stream will increase if this goes ahead but have heard it now will not go ahead which is good.

A week earlier Aug1st 2014 dairy cows were in this paddock. The runoff feeds the Arawhata Stream & drain by the fenceline which feeds into the stream. The cow sewerage feeds into the stream to the Lake unabated and any downpour will be like the above.

As you see the dairy cow runoff goes direct into the Horowhenua Lake August 2nd 2014. Note the flooded drain on this side of the fenceline which feeds direct into the main stream to the Lake --Horizons turns a blind eye as they want more dairy farms!!!!! and this will be an ongoing solution that will never see our Lake cleaned up as they are all too dumb to realize what needs to be done------

August 2nd the flood of water from dairy land. Later in mid August the workers fractured the pipeline & treated sewerage was discharged but we were told by the contractor that it was minimal. --There is no monitoring or filter equipment on the Arawhata inlet on this stream. Every heavy downpour allows runoff from the dairy paddocks and market gardens to flow direct into the Lake . The resource consent by Horizons to start the Arawhata work will begin which is a good sign as granted in Dec2015

The Arawhata drain on a good clear day 31st Aug 2014

This roadway was finally finished complete with concrete footing for the stock on 27th October 2014.

The Arawhata roadway and bridge finally completed Oct 27th 2014

A marothon task for Higgins and Council


ITS NOW OVER 1 YEAR and this defunct Domain Board has achieved little to bring a 4th Iwi member as the Domain Board is supposed to be.

Easy to settle bring the next highest voted rep in: Charles Rudd but they don't want this? Now the Domain Board hold 4 monthly meetings but theres more to come as this useless Domain Board doesn't even ask what monitoring systems are in place??

One owner asked in October 2014:

1/. What monitoring systems were in place. Duffy supposedly said they are in the latest Accord report--well they aren't

Now us owners want to know the readouts monthly of these reports & what dates were they carried out. As you will see the sewerage which went into the Lake from the Higgins roading rupture at the Ararwhata Bridge was hushed up.

3/. Robert Warrington does the monitoring


As at December 2014 there is still no full compliment of 4 Iwi reps on the Domain Board. They have been told its a simple process but they still do nothing. I wonder why? The minister Smith also does not intervene so the Maori owners have 3 useless reps on this Board who say nothing and do nothing. In October 2014 the question again was aksed why no 4th Iwi rep??

Lester whose the Chairman has done nothing and the 3 Maori repsare manipulated. Lester by the way wasn't even aware of the sewer pipe rupture when he was told by Tama Ruru that Higgins fractured the line and the raw sewerage went back into the Arawhata stream into Lake Horowhenua? Amazing as even the press never knew but some of us owners know what happened. Of course Duffy covered it up quickly to speak and now Lester has resigned off the Domain Board.




The dairy lands beside the Arawhata flooding into the stream into the Lake June 20th 2015



Remember if you are overseas and an owner in the Horowhenua Block please feel free to email us of your concerns as this website is for all owners in the Block 11. Go to indemnity.

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